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Letter 15: From Elina

Dear Annie,


Your story is extremely upsetting. I’m sorry that you suffered and that your

family was put through such a terrible event. As someone with health

conditions, I understand the frustration and empathize with this situation. I’ve

always had to be extremely careful with my health. Especially when it comes

to what medications I can put in my body. However, I haven’t been met with the nicest of responses. There have been a few times where doctors told me my worries were unnecessary.


Due to my health concerns, my doctors had always tried to push me to consider birth control. However, I was always wary and wanted to know more information. I was not given adequate information on the medications available and their side effects. I have always had to fight for myself to ensure that my needs are met. Also, to ensure that my doctors truly grasp the complexity of it all.


It scares me that you were a perfectly healthy woman and yet YAZ deteriorated your health. It’s heartbreaking that you suffered this tragedy. You were a healthy young woman with a full life to live, but it was snatched away too soon.


I hope your story reminds women to be vigilant -- to do their own research and assess their choices so they can smartly converse with their doctors about their birth control options.



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