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Letter 4: From Amelia


Dear Annie,


When I was younger, my doctor put me on birth control for health reasons. I

trusted her and had no reason to doubt the safety of the birth control she gave

me. Women had been using birth control for years, and I just thought it was a part

of growing up. It made my stomach hurt in the beginning, and I wondered why I

had to grow up, but in the end, it just became a part of my routine.


Annie, I was using a birth control called Yasminelle that had the same hormone

(drosperinone) that killed you.


Fast forward one year later.


I’m back at the doctor’s office, and fortunately for me, my doctor has been keeping up to date on the latest health research and news. She mentions that Yasminelle and Yaz have been getting some very bad press lately, and regardless of whether or not it’s true, she decided to give me a different kind of birth control, just to be safe. And why not, when there are so many safer alternatives? This makes sense to me, and I don’t give it much thought after that.


At the time, this conversation took only a few minutes and didn’t seem very consequential. Looking back, I realize it might have saved me from many problems down the road. Who knows, it may have been your story in the news that caught my doctor’s attention. I’m only sad that this information came too late for you.


I hope your story can continue to save and inspire young women around the world, as it already has for me. Thank you, Annie.






Smith College, Class of 2013

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