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Letter 9: From Victoria 

Dear Annie,

I know you must be a beautiful angel now that i send this letter to you, I

wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and that no one suffers the

same as you because of the doctors greed and ignorance.

I send my thoughts to you, full of light... the same light you gave to your loved ones, no young woman deserves to experience  pain or illness because of society's refusal to act upon their hearts instead of their desires for money and getting more sales or promoting a product, not knowing the risks which can lead to death or permanent disability.

I feel that now you are your family's guardian angel and also the guardian angel of every single young woman or girl, that in this instant is getting rid of this toxic pills that are no good, except for the companies who make and sell them, making profit of this deadly weapon so called 'drospirenone' for acne or whatever...

I send you lots of love and I hope this gets to all ears, for only in freedom of choice we can decide.




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