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Letter 16: Uniting with Others


​Dear Annie,


Several weeks later your dad joined me in D. C. so that we could attend a

patient advocacy training workshop by The National Center for Health

Research – the same nonprofit center that has made your website possible. 

Not only did we learn a lot, but we have become more energized to continue

this battle against drospirenone. 


Unfortunately, however, warning women about drospirenone is not enough.

At the conference we met the parents of two other alumnae of American

University.  Both of their daughters experienced horrific deaths due to the

Nuvaring.  Your sister-in-law Rachel used this birth control method for a short period.  Thank heavens she was not harmed!  


Also there were several women at the workshop who are part of a 25,000 Facebook group that has asked the FDA to take action against Essure, a Bayer method of sterilization that has proven extraordinarily dangerous, even though it does not contain hormones.  When we warn women to stay away from Yaz and its sister drospirenone pills, we need to emphasize that some other birth control pills and devices also carry outsized and unnecessary risks.  The newer birth control pills and devices using third and fourth generation hormones cause many more blood clots than the second generation birth control pills that I took.  Newer is not safer.


In your honor we will continue to inform, inform and inform some more.  I have hope that someday someone in a position of power (probably political, perhaps within the medical industry, perhaps a Silicon Valley billionaire) will take strong action to hold these pharmaceutical executives criminally accountable for all of the deaths and suffering caused by their dangerous drugs and the rush for profits. I feel confident that historians will be as shocked as we were when the truths about early 21stcentury hormonal birth control are uncovered.​





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