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Letter 15: Your Story on TV


Dear Annie,


A lot has happened since I last wrote. A German journalist flew here with his

cameraman to interview your Dad and me for his documentary in which he

described all of the harm that drospirenone drugs have caused.  The film described

the many deaths -- including yours—as well as the life-altering blood clots suffered

by other young women.


The film was aired Nov. 9 on the German public broadcasting network so several

million people viewed it. That was the day that the first Yaz trial against Bayer was

supposed to begin, but the trial was postponed for about a month.  Bayer tried to settle, but the plaintiff was not interested. 


We’ve seen the film, but since it was in German we couldn’t understand it.  However, Marcus, our German exchange student from your high school years, watched it and told us that it was quite factual, although it clearly shows that Bayer has caused a lot of pain and suffering.  I want to get a copy in English, since this journalist seems to have well researched his information. He shared some of his findings with us.  One was that in the clinical trial, one young healthy woman died.  Like you.  Bayer did not give this information to the FDA until after Yaz was approved!  


This was illegal, but goes unpunished, unpublished, and not challenged.  He also told us that since France has banned prescribing drospirenone drugs under their National Health Plan, the number of strokes among young French women has greatly decreased.  Vive la France!  Young women should not be routinely having strokes!


The producer hopes that he will be able to have it translated and shown in the U.S.  Your Dad and I think it significant that such a documentary was made in Germany against a German company. 


The day after we were interviewed for the film, I flew to Maryland to help out your sister Mel, who is driving several hours to Delaware each week for a novel ozone infusion treatment for her Lyme disease.  She has more energy now than she has had for years.  You need to know that “Melonhead” misses you every day – she continues to post on your Facebook page; no one in our family likes their Annieless days.  Your niece Elise is now a two digit midget- ten years old!  She still remembers you; over the years she has consoled me by talking to me about her memories of you.





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