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Letter 23: Letter from Heather


Dear Annie, 


Before hearing about your story and it's ongoing legacy, I felt like a crazy woman running around preaching women to interrogate their doctors. I almost lost my sister to the same killer. My sister age 17 after being put on the pill due to extremely bad PMS symptoms, suffered a stroke and subsequently a seizure. Fortunately, she survived. But, after many tests, doctors, and the hospital medical researchers were stumped as to why this healthy young girl had a stroke. The answer, her birth control + history of high cholesterol. At the time, of course, this side effect wasn't official and the doctors said it is highly likely from but can't definitively say. Our cousin then reached out to us and said how her birth control (Yaz) caused her to have 2 blood clots in her lungs. My family is rather poor and legal action was never an option for us, but we could not even get an apology for the doctor who prescribed the thing that traumatized my sister. My mom and strangers witnessed her drop to the ground and have a seizure. I witnessed her unable to speak, remember, or move after the stroke. Our stories can prevent others from becoming victims. Women deserve better. Annie, you, deserved better.






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