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Letter 22: Letter from Samantha


Dear Annie, 


Your story has deeply touched me and my heart goes out to you and your family. While you are no longer with us, your name and your story will live on. By hearing your story, I have become incredibly empowered to learn more about my own health and make informed decisions about medical products.


Personally, I have struggled with birth control and with finding a method that works well in my life. One of the biggest things that you taught me was how to be an advocate for myself and how to seek medical attention when things didn’t feel right. After being on different forms of The Pill and enduring several unwanted side effects, I decided I needed to listen to my body and find another alternative. I now have an IUD, which works better for me and my body. While the IUD has complications as well, I feel better knowing that I was proactive with my reproductive health. Thank you for showing me that I can and should question medical drugs and devices and that I deserve the best care.


Thanks to you and your story, I also want to help educate others about their reproductive health and the risks associated with birth control. As a Planned Parenthood volunteer, I have advocated for women’s health and communicated inclusive and accurate medical information to others. Your story has showed me that knowledge is incredibly powerful and I hope to continue to empower and educate women in both my personal and professional life.


I am truly grateful to you because your story has opened my eyes. I want to honor your memory by working even harder to advocate for myself and for others. I also want to fight for accountability and better clinical trials from big drug and medical device companies. You and your family have unfairly suffered and it’s about time others learn from your experience. Your story has such a strong message and I look forward to sharing it.






The University of Virginia Class of 2018

Birth Control Treatment
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