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Letter 21: From Silvana

Dear Annie,


I am deeply saddened by your story. You had your entire life ahead of you. You were

both smart and motivated; it’s pretty clear you were on your way to making a real

difference in this world. Although I am saddened by your story, I am glad I got to

learn about it. Your story has made me more aware of the concerns regarding the

safety of birth control and the importance of questioning doctors and other health

professionals when it comes to being prescribed certain medications.


Today, birth control is such a commonly prescribed drug and few questions are

asked regarding the safety of the pill. Doctors prescribe the pill and patients simply

adhere to a schedule to take it. This is because we rely on and trust that our doctor will know what’s right for us. It is expected that the doctors, the pharmacists, the FDA, and other safeguards will ensure we are receiving a drug that will help, not harm us. Sadly, after reading your story, it has become clear that we need to question the safety of birth control (and perhaps all drugs, really) no matter how commonly prescribed it is.


I am a health policy student and I am lucky to have come across your story. As I continue to study health policy and begin my career, I will be sure to keep you in mind when discussing the safety and effectiveness of prescription drugs. I will share your story with others and be an advocate for implementing policies that requires patients be informed of all risks associated with certain medications.




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