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Letter 30: Letter from Paige


Dear Annie,

           I was compelled to write you a letter after reading your story. I am a 27 year old woman who just recently, was prescribed YAZ by my dermatologist. I felt I needed to do further research on YAZ before I took it, to see the side-effects, as I have never taken birth control before. That's when I came across your story. I cried reading how this medication took someone so young and beautiful and with so much life to live. Upon further investigation of this medication and it's side effects, I found that it can increase heart attacks and strokes in women under 35 who had never taken birth control before. I felt like I was meant to read your story and am thankful every single day I did. Your story will save countless young women and you will always live on through your purpose to save other young women's lives.



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