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Letter 31: Letter from Cindy


Dear Annie,

           Your story was truly heartbreaking as well as inspiring. I cannot imagine the pain and
devastation your family must have felt when they found out the cause for your death was
something completely preventable. As a young woman with experience of taking birth control,
it is hard not to wonder, “What if that was me?”

While I was reading your story, I reflected on my experiences with birth control pills. I realized I
was never warned about these side effects of birth control. Throughout the years, I have seen
multiple different health professionals and have been on several different types of birth control
pills. Never once was there a discussion of side effects unless prompted. This is extremely
unnerving since many women starting birth control at a very young age due to acne and
hormonal issues.

After reading your story, I felt an urge to really dig in and research the different types of birth
control and their side effects. I learned that certain birth control pills have higher chances of
blood clots than others. Also, this major side effect is not only a problem with pills but also can
happen with other types of birth control measures that contain estrogen. It made me understand the significance of the health professional when prescribing any medication.

Moving forward, I feel more prepared to discuss this topic with my doctor, friends, and family. I
want to make sure everyone is aware of the potential dangers of birth control. Thank you for
the courage and determination you and your family have demonstrated to shed better light on
this matter.



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